My Bubbas – Loke

Good evening, everyone! I am a little late with the photo challenge this week, but there is no time like the present, right? I hope you all had fun with this one–I sure did. I shot in several different places, both in Sweden and here in Finland (and it is so so good to be home, honestly), before I settled.

A friend can mean and be many things. If I think about what or with whom I can simply share space with, well, a lot comes to mind. The forest, for one–a tree. I love trees. I can lean on it and just watch the world around me. Or I can close my eyes and merely breathe it all in.

I wanted to do a photo shoot with a very good friend of mine in Sweden, but after my climb up Skule mountain and spending five hours trekking all over the top to take photos, and after the way down (close to 11 p.m.), I hardly moved the next day. My muscles ached and my knees were like jelly.

While getting some photos of our old apple tree earlier this evening–the buds are just now blooming–my dog, Loke, kept watching me and gave a little whine from time to time, wanting to be part of the action. I had him clipped to the walking line so he wouldn’t rush around the legs of the tripod. I stopped and we watched each other. He had that hopeful look on his face: can I join you now? And so it was decided. My beautiful Loke. Ever eager, ever so loyal–until my partner starts digging around in the doggy treats, of course. Haha

I hope you are all having a great week so far. Until next time, then, I give you my bubbas, who turned three at the end of May.

Take care, and see you soon!


Just like Ferdinand in that cartoon, who just wants to sniff the flowers. Except this is a rare moment for Loke. He was such a cooperative model in spite of wanting to take off, full speed. ❤