An Evening At Turajärvi Lake

Hey, everyone! The sun is shining right through my window as I write, but luckily I have blinds. Today, Jay and I are going out to spend some time together just the two of us while Lilli is with her grandfather at the summer cottage. But I quickly wanted to share another excitement with you.


Not too long ago I mentioned I went on a little trip to Sweden, back to my school, to personally accept a stipend I had been elected for. I still haven’t found a frame for it but I have made an investment. With a little extra sponsoring from Jay, I went into Rauma on Thursday and got that wide angle lens I told you about in my previous post. The kind lady gave me such a shock when she told me she would give it to me for a very generous discount. I am ever so grateful. I have been in there a few times now and they are always so helpful.


While there, I also got a sensor cleaning kit. I spent almost two hours on Thursday night getting that sensor cleaned. I found this great walk-through online. First I vacuumed, dusted, wiped and cleaned the entire room before I sat down to get to work.

Look at all that DIRT.

I had to wipe it several times over before I counted five tiny spots and settled. My neck got incredibly sore since I was so tense during the entire process. I almost didn’t dare to breathe, haha. But it is now clean and I have learned something new!

Last night, after Lilli had left with her grandfather for the summer cottage, I packed my camera and went for a drive. I ended up at a lake not too far away from here. It is called Turajärvi and it was so gorgeous. I sat down in the sand with my camera and I couldn’t stop taking photos. It was a little like when my camera first arrived, almost six years ago now. I took photos of everything, from every possible angle. Last night I felt like a kid again, even with the sand in my clothes and shoes.

That sun was so warm. I felt like I had stepped into another realm. And I really, really wished I could have gone for a swim, which is something I haven’t felt for years.

I spent an hour on that beach, wandering around and taking photos, and I was lucky to have it all to myself for that hour before people arrived, but I was very thankful for that time all alone with my camera. And I am just so diliriously happy I couldn’t care less about the flares. I will figure that one out, too, in time. For now, I wish you all a lovely weekend. I’ll leave you with a few more photos. And thank you so, so much for the response on my latest post. It makes me so happy to see. ❤