Just Go For It

So here I go. I’m doing it. Writing.


That is about as far as I got yesterday, before all the noise in my head stalled me. And when I got up this morning, after sending my daughter off to school and taking my cup of coffee to sit down and give it another try, this draft of those three sentences greeted me. I thought to myself “Why not?” The whole idea of creating this blog was to get my words out there. My raw and unedited words. Leave them as they come. For now. Because it’s a process, right? I have to start somewhere, and usually first drafts are messy and even incoherent at times. To get structure there needs to be something to give structure to. And a blank page doesn’t give me much to work with.


So here they are: my first draft, my first un-structured words and thoughts getting ready for launch into a massive world of billions of other words belonging to professionals and hobbyists, the experienced and seasoned, the dabblers and experimenting whoever-others alike. It isn’t intimidating, not really. It is a curiosity, a kind of thrilling anticipation. I am going to do this bit by bit, step by step, and see where things go. Learn as I go. And write the process and progress in its unedited and unplanned form. See it evolve–which it will. Things always do, in one way or another, when you take the plunge into new territories, when you embark upon new adventures and trod down paths not taken before. Or, in this particular case, a path I have taken a few steps onto, only to leave and go back, several times over the years.

But I have to keep trying. And push past that point where the undergrowth still greets me. It will let me know I have arrived at opportunity’s threshold–the opportunity of overcoming obstacles and gaining new experience and knowledge. Take the plunge. Just go for it.

So here I am, then. First draft, first post. I’ll only know where it took me if I follow it, follow it through.