Drawing For The Soul

For as long as I can remember, drawing has been one of the few things I truly love. And something I can lose myself in when I’m down or simply need a time-out. Sadly, like writing, it has become a rare indulgement in later years. Despite my professed love for the craft, I just haven’t had that feeling. I have tried and failed nine times out of ten, and ended up staring at a blank page…

But then my daughter asked me this morning: “Mom? Can I get on the playstation?” Reluctant to agree–if she’s not on the iPad, she’s on her phone–I remembered how she has been asking for weeks if we could draw together. She truly loves drawing, too, and is so great at it. So instead I countered with, “How about we sit down and draw together instead?”

“Yeah! I’ll go get my things!” And off she went, bounding up the stairs.

We sat for a good hour, if not two, and by the end of it she had drawn a portrait of me. One she was so proud of she asked me to send it to my mother in Sweden. I only got a few lines sketched out and filled in, but it was so nice to do something together. And drawing (or crafting) is something I did a lot with my own mother when I was little.

Hmm… What to do with these lines?

Said mother-daughter time over, and said child off to follow the next inspiration, I stayed and stared at my paper. It didn’t last long before I grabbed a coloring pencil and started filling, and now, an entire day gone–in-between cooking and cleaning and what-not–I have finished a drawing. A full A4. Woo. Go me. And go the child for her contagious enthusiasm.

More empty spaces to fill!

My daughter and I are both creative, we both love drawing and crafting, but the difference is she gets an idea, takes it, and puts it into action. Right then and there. No thought or consideration for the process, the colors needed, the theme–no windy road dotted with a million things that will make it the piece of art she sees in her mind. Isn’t it fascinating? We plan and we draw up a detailed map in our minds and get tangled in all the little things. (If my teacher and mentor read this, she’d roll her eyes and shake her head. Yes, I know, I guess I need a little more practice on taking it one step at a time. 😁)

One step at a time. One grain of sand at a time… (as I have read in Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living a fair few times by now). Some days it works, some days it doesn’t, and that is all right.

One step at a time.