To the Fire In Our Souls

Hello dear ones. I got such an incredible urge to write you all now to wish you a wonderful New Year. And what does it really matter if I have nothing else to say? In spite of lack of words to share, I am still so incredibly grateful for everything that has happened this past year, and for getting the chance to connect with so many. So thank you — for joining me and sharing your thoughts and words. And may your 2018 be beautiful. Much love and many hugs to you all. ❤




8 thoughts on “To the Fire In Our Souls

  1. hello lotta, what a surprise! uf, if you knew the heat that makes here where I live, ha ha ha … I see your beautiful photographs and I crave something cold, ha ha ha … although it has become cloudy a bit here, I see that it is not long for 12 at night there, here are 18:52 hrs. I wish you a very nice new year today with your family, and that your projects and wishes are well received, all step by step, without despair.

    a strong and warm embrace from these temperate lands of the southern hemisphere, greetings, fernando.

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    1. Oh I can’t imagine heat in winter… except I can! I remember when I lived in Australia and when people would go to the beach on Christmas! A BBQ and sunscreen is so far from Christmas for me as day is from night. But if that is all you have ever known, then of course that would be Christmas for whoever has grown up with it. 🙂 I do hope you will get some milder weather, and thank you so much for your well-wishes for the new year. I wish you ALL the best for 2018, Fernando. Hugs to you! 🙂

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