Walking A Frosty Wonderland

Hello my darling friends and readers! I started this post earlier today while listening to some music and going through the photos I took this morning. I finally made it out to capture some frost! And the air right now is absolutely amazing. Rich yet crisp, with a touch of that clean, wintry scent.


Earlier this year we got some papers from the local council to negotiate the rerouting of some electricity lines in our village, and that we were to get an electricity station on our lands through which these new cables will go. As unesthetic as it is, there wasn’t much to do but to like and accept the situation. At least we got to decide where the thing was to be placed. And so, for the past few days, now that the harvest is pretty much done, all kind of vehicles have been driving up and down our little road, and machines have delved into the fields.




On a more positive note, however, this has eased the installation of a more reliable and faster internet connection through what we call fiber. Not sure if it’s the same in English? For years now we have had internet problems, and we even switched to mobile internet since it worked better than ADSL. That hasn’t exactly been ideal either, but we have made do. Now though, as soon as all the work is done, the days of our connection dropping out whenever it feels like it are over. Hopefully.


Today was Lilli’s last day of school before a five-day autumn break. We did intend to go on a little trip, but since the harvest took so long, everything else was pushed forward, and with colder days and frost long past the morning hours, every day counts to prep the fields for winter. This weekend Lilli will spend some time with her grandmother in Rauma, though, and she always loves that. They both do.

Jay asked me to come photograph the fields and met me to show me where, then ran back to work.
Jay’s father does the ploughing.


Meanwhile, I’m working on getting myself back on track. Going to bed earlier, for one. Since I last wrote I believe I hit that wall, and the time for a change is now. Not later. No more excuses or justifications as to why I have to stay up a little while longer to get this or that done. Last night I crawled beneath the covers a few minutes past ten at night, as opposed to two in the morning. I slept like a log for over eight hours, which was long overdue and did help, but I felt almost drunk when I got up, so this sleeping business has moved up to top priority now.

I must tell you how much warmth your words in response to my latest post gave me. I felt the smile all the way down in my toes. It’s like having my very own cheerleading squad and I can’t express in words how incredibly grateful I am to you for such wonderful support. It really means so much to me. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ❤




This morning I had every intention to finally get some photos taken I have been planning for some time now, and to write a post about that dream I have had for the longest time and am now pursuing. I took my camera with me when Loke and I went for our morning walk, though, and got stuck photographing a frost-covered wonderland. By the time I got back inside the joints in my hands ached so badly I nearly cried. That’s what I get for leaving my gloves inside and thinking a short walk with Loke wouldn’t turn into anything else but that. Haha So instead I will leave you a couple of photos from this weekend, when Jay joined me in the living room while I was practicing. It will give you an idea of what this new endeavour of mine involves. 😉

(And excuse the mess. Neither of us are the tidiest people in the world. Haha)


Photo by Jay.

A cello. To me it is the most beautiful instrument in this world — well, I do love all bow instrument. If I say much else I will not be able to stop, so I am saving it for another post. I am curious though if any of you play an instrument or have any favourites? I tried for years to learn playing the guitar but my heart wasn’t in it. It just didn’t fit somehow.

Now, I want wish you the best week and to send you lots of love. Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤

4 thoughts on “Walking A Frosty Wonderland

  1. hello lotta, I am very happy that the words of encouragement that we wrote have served to refocus you, and see the value of things, and try to understand the moments of inaction for which we all pass at some point. That is the idea of these blogs, thanks to you for devoting your time and effort to share your thoughts and life, and to appreciate the experiences of each person in life, something that has been lost in this society so “impersonal” in which we live today.

    ha ha ha … then they also have problems with the ADSL and the mobile connection ?, and I thought that only happened in Chile, ha ha ha … then we are two, these internet providers do what they want. Do you know how Internet providers and politicians look like? They both promise and promise, but in practice everything is fantasy, and they fuck you, ha ha ha …

    I am happy that you can resume and respect your hours of sleep and rest, your body and mind will thank you, you will notice. and wow !!, very beautiful your cello, it’s good that you return the practice of the instrument, I once try to learn guitar, but you have to devote a lot of time, besides the joints of my hands hurt me, I really like the guitar, It has a very special sound, Narciso Yepes was a very good referent in this instrument. Like Ian, I recognize the painting and a clock that appear on the wall, I also discovered you thanks to Jonna Jinton, once I wrote you about it.

    guaw !! … you look great in the photo with your cello, I hope the day you post some video playing. a big hug for you, and greetings to your family from a distance. Fernando.

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    1. Hello Fernando! I’m always so glad to see your comments and it brings me such a smile to hear you like what I share. I’m sorry to hear your joints were giving you trouble when you tried to play the guitar. I agree, though, that it is quite tricky. I had to get a guitar with a slimmer neck because my hands were too small for the ones with a broader finger board. Still, I had such trouble plaving my fingers where they needed to go and when I couldn’t connect to the instrument anyway, I gave up. It IS a very nice instrument though, and I love listening to those who can play it. I haven’t heard of Narciso Yepes — I’ll have to look it up. 🙂

      Oh, and I’m so glad you recognised the painting! It has a very special meaning to both me and my daughter and we love having it in our home. ❤ I remember you found me through Jonna's blog and I am so very grateful you came to visit my own. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me, for your well-wishes, and I hope to some day in the not too-distant future share a video of me playing the cello. I have to figure out how to film it first, though! Haha

      Many hugs.

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  2. Hi Lotta

    I just love frosty mornings 🙂 I’m looking forward to them like a child waiting for snow ! There hasn’t been any here yet , stuck with wet and windy weather.
    Love the pictures, looks like you have competition, quite the picture by your Jay 😉
    I haven’t the patience to learn to play an instrument, that’s quite an achievement. Favourite cello music is simply called “Cello song” by Nick Drake.
    The children are on holiday here too, I’m sure Lilli will enjoy a great time off, hope you have a great week as well.

    P.S. I recognise the lovely picture on the wall, in a round about way, that’s how I found your fantastic blog 🙂 pretty cool and funny how random things get connected.

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