Rest’s Healing Powers

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far and that all is well with you. It wasn’t long ago I wrote about being overwhelmed and how it felt like I was getting nothing done. And I really have been so exhausted, but couldn’t seem to slow down all the same. So I really want to tell you about the amazing day I had yesterday and why.


Isn’t it so strange how we carry around the solutions to our problems but sometimes it just seems like we are too scatter-brained to see it? Well, I am. Haha It was such a simple thing as going to bed earlier and getting eight hours of sleep. Can you imagine it? I’m willing to bet we have all been there, thinking in the back of our heads that I really need to go to bed earlier tonight. And then there we are, finding all kinds of things we have to get done before we feel we can turn in for the night with a clear conscience.


When I woke up yesterday morning my entire body felt lighter. The puffiness and darkness beneath my eyes had cleared a little, and I went through my morning routine of vacuuming on feathered steps. I even got my daughter up a little earlier so she had more time to get ready. All those things that prevent stress, I did without even thinking about it. So once I had my morning do’s out of the way, I took a shower and then stepped out into our garden with the camera. We have this beautiful line of shrubs next to the old main house (which is more like a museum now), and in autumn it is aflame with all those signifying season colours.


Afterwards, Jay had a job for me. I had to drive the big trailer down to one of our fields so he could empty the harvester. It only took me two tries to reverse and turn the big beasts! I was so proud of myself and shared the process on Instagram Stories. So if you haven’t visited me there yet, some of them might still be up. I leave them there for the entire duration, which is twenty-four hours. If not, more will come as I get better and better at remembering to share my day.

Aren’t these rowans just such a beautiful part of autumn? Do you have them where you live?
I remember how much fun we used to have with these maple seed pods when we were kids. These were a little too raw still, but it stuck long enough to snap a photo. 😉

While editing photos, I started looking at the satellite captures on Google Maps to begin scouting for my photo project locations. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes and of course I ended up in the part with the least of them! We have lakes around here, but not those big ones, like out east. And Finns love their summer cottages by these lakes, so finding one that is unoccupied was tough. But I did find one not too far away, and as soon as I can, I will take our 4WD for a spin. No real roads lead close enough to the lake as far as I could tell from the map, so it will be an adventure. I will even take Loke with me, some coffee and spend as long out there as I can. I am so looking forward to it. If I can get connection out there, I will let you tag along through Instagram Stories. ❤

I love this old spruce. It is incredibly tall.

Later in the afternoon, once Lilli and I got back from Rauma–she had her art school and I spent that time getting some groceries–I took the camera out again. This time I visited our little forest road to practice my self-portaits in combination with evening sun and backlight. I was quite disappointed with many of the self-portraits, but when I looked at them again this morning my self-critique had softened. It is a learning experience, and I still want to show you the process, which means sharing the whoopsies as well as the succesful photos.

I don’t know if it was the shutter speed, focus or unsuitable f-stop. And the disappointment was bigger since I thought to use the dead yet amazingly coloured juniper as natural filter (the flaming blur up in the right hand corner). Just have to keep trying. 😉
Here you can see the juniper. And a lot of jitter on the parts of me in shadow. Which is basically everything, haha.
I was very happy with and proud of this one. ❤

Last night would have been a perfect opportunity to practice that balance. To push pause, even if creativity and energy was way up there. But I got stuck on the road back to the house.

Thanks to Polly Balitro and Jonna Jinton, I am growing an immense appreciation for fireweed. And last night at sundown, these wilting flowers looked like something from another world. Truly soulful. Like etheral spirits. I sat by the side of the road with my camera for what seemed like an age.
Do any of you know the name of these?

I sat up till past midnight editing, and only got five hours of sleep, but I can’t say I regret it. In the past few days I have noticed the changes in nature, in the tones and colours. This absolutely magical light falls across the world at dusk and I cannot tear my eyes away. So I imagine my photos will change along with it, which is only natural, don’t you think? Change is all around us and within us. We can either fight it or embrace it. Looking at nature, I will walk into this change with arms wide open.

I wish you a beautiful day, friends and fine folk. Much love. ❤


2 thoughts on “Rest’s Healing Powers

  1. You are right to be proud of that last image of you sitting in silhouette and rim lit. It is beautiful. I also think it is quite lovely that Jonna had a similar image on her site the next day. You two do seem to be listening to similar strains of music from nature. She tends to be light/luminescence, and you seem to be dark autumny richness. Both equally beautiful.

    I do really appreciate that you included your not-as-successful images, along with your successful ones. It helps to see the struggle, along with the beauty. Makes it that much more attainable for everyone else. Or I guess I should say, me. So thanks for allowing your mistakes to be mistakes and just part of the process of creativity.

    Living a creative life is what I want more than anything. There. Now I’ve said it. (so to speak)



    1. Thank you, Pamela, for your incredibly kind words. It warms that you, too, liked that photo where I sit on the forest path. And it’s really both funny (although not in a ha-ha sense 😉 ) and lovely that you feel similarities between Jonna and myself because I keep getting that feeling myself. In a way it has puzzled me, but more so it has made me so happy. To read her blog and watch her photos, listening to her ethereal herding call grounds me and uplifts at the same time. Like finding a kindred spirit who makes me feel less odd and strange — or maybe not so much that as less alone, somehow. I have always had this incredibly vivid and wild imagination, and sometimes I wondered over where to draw the line between what is considered real and tangible and all these other feelings, observations and thoughts I have, if that makes sense at all? But at the end of the day, if the way I see and live in this world is in harmony with everything and everyone around me it doesn’t really matter what I believe or wonder over.

      I also sense that you understand these things so well, too. I have seen your comments on Jonna’s blog and you write so beautifully and with such insight. I value you sharing your wants and wishes very much and I truly do hope and wish for your life to be filled with all the creative freedom your heart and soul desires. ❤

      Your comments always leave me with a smile and warmth, and I am so glad to hear that my less successful photos helps you to connect to my journey and makes it more relatable for you. It really means a lot to me, so thank you so much for sharing that. I have taken note and it inspires me to try and show more of every aspect. 🙂

      I wish you a wonderful day. Much love. ❤


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