Light The Gateway To Times Of Old

Light. This is my one true love and obsession, and I think many (if not all to some extent) photographers always have light in the back or forefront of their mind when they aim their lenses. Without it, what is there to capture? The presence of light, the strength and angle at which it hits the world around us is what decides what we see. How we see it. Take any scene or object and the light will dramatically affect and change the image reflected back at us.



I drive and walk on these roads on a daily basis. Before I picked my camera back up, it didn’t really occur to me how different these very same fields, forests and the scenery they are a part of can look. At least I didn’t consider it on a conscious level.



I have these distinct memories from when I was younger. We lived in Helsingborg, which is on the western coast of Sweden. It was autumn and it had just rained. I walked along the pavement with my mother’s camera–I was on my way to a place where these big, old beeches grew. The clouds were grey in the sky above, it wasn’t daylight, not quite dark either, but the yellow-orange light from the street lanterns shimmered across the wet asfalt. A soft mist clung to the air around me and as I write I can feel it, smell the fallen leaves that sometimes stuck to my shoes when I wandered across a pile amassed by the wind. I even remember what clothes I wore. Black comfy pants, a blue, shiny jacket way too big for me, and those flat-bottom skater shoes. I think they were blue, too, and made out of leather.

And all this is connected to that sombre mood of one autumn evening from almost twenty years ago. That is how strongly that particular light permeates my entire being. I have throughout the years been thrown back to that day on many occasions. Every single time I encounter the same light conditions.


Low light, dimmed light, or those few stray pillars finding their way through crevices in obstructions–this stops time for me. Shadows blending with areas of light. It is like opening a book and reading the most captivating and mysterious story. I can’t tear my eyes away and my entire being is filled with wonder.



I find all our four seasons very special and enchanting in their own way. This summer, however, as wonderful as it has been with warmth after our long winters, I have been getting exhausted by the long days and short nights. Light may be my muse, and even though it is so much softer during high summer than in other places in the world where I have lived, I still feel myself breathing out now that autumn is on its way. And with it I can feel my creativity returning.


August can be very different. The air can feel like gods of old are breathing heat and moisture on your face. It can also be a soft and subtle warmth. But with the days growing shorter and the nights longer, there is respite. And the mornings and evenings seem to open gateways to other realms, older times.



Light’s magic is what moves me. Light–in the many forms it comes–is what ignites the connection to these beautiful and wondrous lands I live in.

13 thoughts on “Light The Gateway To Times Of Old

  1. Lovely images, Lotta! You can feel the breath in the images. The slow motion of motes in the air. A suspended sense of time.
    Are you familiar with the photographer Leonard Misonne? (1870-1943) Your images in this post really reminded me of his work. …Photos that become paintings. Pictorialist and timeless.

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    1. Oh, I had never heard of Leonard Misonne but after I read this I had to check it up, and I want to thank you SO much for introducing his wonderful art to me. I was so moved by the images, so deeply touched. They are just like you describe and I cannot say how honoured I feel that my own photos reminded you of him. That is such a lovely and kind compliment, Pamela. ❤


  2. Hello lotta, very nice article and photography, those filters that you use give a magical atmosphere to the landscapes, and the lights captured at the right time, I always visit your blog, even if I do not write any comments, a hug from a distance, fernando.

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    1. Hello, Fernando! I was so happy to see your comment. I’m so glad to hear you like my photos, and just so grateful you visit, even if you don’t leave a comment. We live busy lives, so I understand completely. All the same, you coming here means so much. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs to you. ✨☀️


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