When You Nail It

Good morning! Yesterday was, as we say in Swedish, a canon of a day. En kanondag med kanonväder. Great weather, and I got so much done. I love those days, and I try to remind myself to keep them close and cherish them, be grateful. Life is so beautiful like that–the downers teach me to appreciate the days when things just come together even more. And vice versa. To acknowledge that these contrasts is what makes living such an adventure. If we can learn to appreciate each facet, every shade, then going through hardships takes on an entirely different meaning.


Since we had such incredible sunshine and strong winds I managed to scale down our mountain of washing–mostly sheets and bedclothes–significantly. It dries in no time in weather like this. And the timing couldn’t have been better because last night brought showers of rain. It is only now letting up. In-between the loads, I managed to squeeze in a photo session on our back road. It seems I caught the perfect light because I didn’t really have to do any editing at all. I only did it because when the light is just perfect, when you nail those settings, then it is such a joy to play around with the images. Do you find that, too?


When I was a little girl and visited my grandmother I would always get into her clothes. She was a hoarder, so she kept every single outfit she had ever bought since the 1950’s. Of course I wasn’t allowed into her closets but she would bring me clothes to try and then I would pose and strut around as she ooh‘d and ahh‘d. My grandmother had style. That classy, old Hollywood style. Of course she went with the times, too, but her hair rarely changed. She bleached her hair constantly up until a couple of years ago; slept with rollers and wore pearly combs to lift up the locks to frame her face. I loved, loved, loved looking at old photos from when she was younger, and she would always play Elvis Presley when we went for a drive.

A while ago I learned about something called the Orton Effect, and I thought it suited this photo to get that old style feel to it.
If she had been alive today and seen me in this dress, I know exactly what she would have said. I can still hear her voice in my head, and I never, ever want to forget. Even though I have been plagued by low self-esteem and a poor body-image all my life, in her company I felt perfect just the way I was. I miss her fiercly. Memories are to be cherished, don’t you agree?


I got exactly 315 photos out of this shoot, and so many turned out great that I had a hard time picking just a few. The last ones, however, were out of focus, but there was one among them I really fell for anyway, so I will share that, too, before I go. Today I have business in town, so I am very glad we got that rain to cool down the air a little.

I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday. ❤

Used the Orton Effect here, too, which kind of added to the already out-of-focus, but made it softer somehow.

6 thoughts on “When You Nail It

  1. Hi, thanks for answering, I also struggle with understanding what is inside those feelings that you describe, that do not allow you to leave and live, that you are very well and keep going, a hug from a distance, Fernando.


    1. Thank you, Madamde Zenista, this makes me so incredibly happy! I, too, favour that first one, and saw right away that it would reach its full potential in black and white. It means so much to me to get feedback so I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. ❤ I wish you a lovely day.

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  2. Hello, first time I write, it’s very nice your blog, I discovered you through another blog, I’m not good for advice, I’m motivated to write is because you say you’ve always fought for your low self esteem and bad body image all your Life, I wanted to tell you that when I discovered you I found you a very attractive and beautiful woman, and also interesting, that’s why I call the attention that opinion of yourself, quite the opposite, I would like to have a woman like you, I know that I do not know you And I will never know you, but what I write so that you do not get discouraged, and you love and care, a big kiss and hug from a distance, Fernando. sorry for my English.

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    1. Aw, thank you for sharing your very kind words. It used to be such a big struggle for me that I wasn’t able to accept who I was, it held me back from seeing and experience all the beauty in this world. I take your words to heart and it is always inspiring when we reach out to connect with others in spite of the barriers we feel. Your English is perfectly comprehensible, Fernando. Have a lovely day! 🌞


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