A Day On the Farm

Hey, everyone! I hope you are all off to a good start of the week. Here, the rain seems to finally be slowing down. For two weeks or so we were promised rain but none came. Yesterday, however, it arrived with a vengeance. It didn’t patter–it rumbled. All day it drummed our roof like a pro and gurgled in the rain pipes. An honest summer rock festival a la Nature. As for me, well, I did absolutely nothing. I was so restless last night and dazed at the same time. Over two hours passed before I fell asleep. It was one of those in-between days that passed and left me wondering if I had been awake at all.

Today I am back on track. I started the day by writing myself a To-Do List and got some housework out of the way. Loke sheds hair like an entire pack–ten packs–and five minutes later there are hairs everywhere. I swear he leaves hair with every step he takes. And he is even done shedding the winter coat. Not too long ago I was nearly in tears and decided for my own well-being to throw the vacuum cleaner into a corner, close the door and forget about it. I challenged myself to just live with it. I used to vacuum every day, sometimes more, but the closer attention I payed it the more obvious the mess became. My honey would sigh heavily and vacate the premises. I don’t blame him.

I’m a dog, I shed. Deal with it, boss.

Over the past few weeks I have had the camera with me a lot while working, but since I take so many photos and sometimes do a variety of different sessions in one day, I simply couldn’t share everything, even though I really want to. I would have to publish several posts a day and there aren’t enough hours for that. Editing alone can take anything from twenty minutes to several hours, depending on what vision I have for the images.

I mentioned earlier that we are forest owners, and I am currently awaiting more saplings so I can go out again and spend some full-days in the forest. Some of the wood we cut down we use to heat up the house and our own water. To do this, we have to put the timber through a cutter for the burner we have in a barn that used to house cows, pigs and horses. So a few weeks ago it was time to fill up the storage.

One day I will learn to operate this, too, but for now my partner, Jay, gathers the timber from the forest.

While waiting, I played around with my macro lens a little, which I actually used to shoot all these photos with. Until I realised I had to get changed into my work clothes.


Run, Lotta, run!
Timber incoming.


The biggest pieces of timber are really heavy so I had no hope of getting those off the trailer. While Jay took care of those, I stuck to the small ones and operated the cutter. With the smaller pieces you can just let the timber go through, but with the thick trunks you have to continuously pause, reverse and forward until the whole thing is chewed up. Otherwise the cutter jams or the feeder gets clogged.

I am constantly learning new things here and I love it. I have pushed a little for it, too, because I want to be able to step in whenever Jay’s father is unable to come here. The man is retired but after a lifetime as a farmer I can understand it has become a way of life, one you do not give up just because you have retired.
And, of course, knowing we cut this wood together which keeps our taps running with hot water is a great feeling.
I had to put the camera away after a while because the dust billowed like crazy and I didn’t want to risk even more dirt in my camera.

Since the sowing was done some weeks ago, we have been cleaning and greasing all the machines for storage until autumn. My job was to clean the cultivator, which I did last week. Jay had already gotten the worst of the mud off the big rollers, which made things much easier. I used a metal-bristled brush to get the rest off.



I think half the dust landed on my glasses.

Jay and his father came driving past while I cleaned. They joked that I would be waxing it next. Haha Jay knows me well, of course, and my pedantic streak is the very reason I got the job. I did try to keep that in mind once I got the pressure washer out. This time of the year it isn’t uncommon for us to run out of water, especially if it doesn’t rain enough. But it sure was great fun!



Not one day is the other alike, and getting to move around and do so many different kind of things in one day is only one aspect I truly love about this work. And even if it changes in the future, right now I am having the time of my life, and the now is what counts. Yesterday I wasn’t a happy camper, but today, by sharing this with you I have counted so many things I am grateful for. If you could pick at least one thing in your life that you are grateful for, what would it be?

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your time with me. I wish you all a great remainder of this day. See you soon!

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