The Weekly Photo Challenge

Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday I checked out The Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post, and Heritage instantly jumped out at me. With all the swooning I have done lately over UNESCO World Heritage sites, I guess the word heritage floats through my brain–times a million. As you no doubt noticed, this is not about my usual fawning over nature and the wild, though.

Living on a farm that has been passed down in the family through generations, and last year we had our three hundred year anniversary, I decided I wanted to do the photo challenge here. Our home. My safe haven. I had no idea what would be the focus, but I had a few days to think it over.

So I got into the kitchen this morning, started the usual routine of making coffee, totally muddled from four hours of sleep. As I looked out the window, the sunrise playing with the shadows of an old birch tree, my heart jumped. Yes! Yes yes yes. Gorgeous. I literally ran through the house to get my camera gear. I couldn’t let this moment pass, I couldn’t let the sun climb higher and lose out on this light. It didn’t even ocurr to me that I have no bloody clue how to capture it, how to use the manual settings. And Lilli still hadn’t come downstairs–turns out her alarm bell had run out of batteries. She made it to school in time, though. I had her porridge on the table before I dashed out the door.

I have no magnificent composition of words to offer, and my amateur level in photography is what it is. So what heritage means to me? I will let the results speak for themselves. I had a great time climbing around on the tractor, and this was a fun and inspirational way to jump-start a sleep-rumpled mind. I wish you all lovely day!

This beauty is a Massey Ferguson from either 1968 or -69.
I asked my partner if the tractor is a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. He said it’s an ‘it’. Well, I want to call her Fergie. And Fergie sure is a faithful and robust worker here, still, after all these years.

7 thoughts on “The Weekly Photo Challenge

    1. It truly is amazing and such an honor somehow to be a part of history and to be able to walk among the marks each generation has left on this farm. We grow barley, oats, wheat and rapeseed (in recent years). There has been a variety of other operations on this farm in the past, though, which I would love to write about (and show old photographs from). Thank you so much for visiting, it is a pleasure to meet you!

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      1. The pleasure was all mine, Lotta Village field. I would love to see photos of the rapeseed in bloom if you wish to post them. I have fond memories of fields of yellow rapeseed in Denmark one summer.

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      2. Oh, yes, Denmark has many of them, and Skåne, too, in Sweden. And bummer! This is the first year we are not growing rapeseed; we have to switch up what we grow to prevent disease. I might have some photos from a previous year, though! In the meantime, another blogger posted a lovely collection of photos from Skåne rapeseed fields. You can find them here.

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      3. Yes, and wheat and oats. The cycle for these is easier to distribute across our fields, so we have them every year. However, the rapeseed has a five-year “resting” period, and last year we had used up all the fields in which we can sow it. I keep double-checking with my partner as I write, as I haven’t gotten my head wrapped around how it all works yet. But I am working on it! It’s very interesting.

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