One Last Peek At Winter

Good evening, folks! Or is it a very early morning? What time is it where you are? In Finland it’s past midnight as I write, but I wanted to share something before shutting down and getting tucked in. I am currently up to my elbows in editing photos for future posts in My Love For The High Coast series, and found a few from a spontaneous hike I did with my friend. She loves hiking and adventures just as much as I do and I will be forever grateful that we found each other.

I sent her a message the other day and told her about my plans, and asked if she would be okay with me using photos with her in them. Of course she agreed. “Go for it!” I miss her so very much, so in honor of min pingla, I will give you a sneak-peek at some gorgeous winter scenery from our beloved Höga Kusten. Before spring has us overrun with tingles and the last thing we want is to think of cold winter nights and a howling northern wind.

Håll till godo, as we say in Swedish. In other words, enjoy.





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I'm Lotta. I live on a farm in southwestern Finland among oats, wheat, and swaying pines. With photography and words I show the journey toward building my life-long dream of telling inspirational and unforgettable stories through images. I am so glad you are here to share this experience. <3

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